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“Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.”

For saving me, for loving me unconditionally. 💙

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New Blog. New Life. With new Beginnings and new Memories ahead. 

Blinded by the sunlight
you opened your eyes
And a little smile creeps
for a new day welcomes

Close your eyes
and pray…

Heavy eyelids
But still
unable to

Tumblr is not for fame. Tumblr is for unsaid feelings.
judehthoughts :  which song specifically you recommend? i know one yung somebody that i used to know lels :)


All Time Low

  • Backseat Serenade
  • Somewhere in Neverland
  • So Long Soldier
  • Dear Maria Count me In
  • Weightless
  • For Baltimore
  • Under A Paper Moon
  • Therapy

Mayday Parade

  • Miserable at its best
  • Jamie All Over
  • Stay
  • Jersey
  • Anywhere but here
  • Ghosts
  • Your Song
  • Save your heart

5 Seconds of Summer

  • She looks so perfect
  • Out of limit
  • The only reason
  • I miss you
  • What I like about you

there you go. those are the songs from the particular band i love to listen to :)

yay big thanks! :)

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