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Learn to stop the drama.

If you are on times of downfall nowadays and you think there is no bouncing back. As if your world now seems like it is falling apart, my friend, you are wrong. There are so much good things ahead of us, so much better things God has planned for us and that you will never see the best of it if you let yourself sink in with that grief of yours. Yes, it is really good to recognize your feelings but remember “Life goes on.” I am not saying you must ignore your grief totally sometimes it may be the cause of your future being messed up. I guess I need you to acknowledge that pain in a way that you will benefit and learn something from it. Do not trap yourself into melancholy of listening sad songs that will surely make you cry. Be waked up by reality that not everything in this world always remains the same.Change is the only permanent thing in this world, so don’t get swept away by the thought that you will never be happy again because you will be. Time will pass by, and there you must let go and move on.

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