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Just finished watching WILD CHILD :D And, I am so glad that my staying up late at night today didn’t turn to waste. This movie taught me a lot of things. 

Sometimes, we need to run away from our life for us to somewhat be able to realize things. It’s never too late to change our life perspectives for the better. As we take some more steps, we’ll find those people who love us so much at our back because they are willing to guide us, to support us. We might even discover soon along who were our real friends and fake friends.

Also, if we want to be better, to get what we really wanted for our life to have, we must do it with the best that we can. We mustn’t be insecure if we see some other people achieving the goals we are aiming of to have because it will just give us grudges, hatred and jealousy in our heart.

Lastly, our parents love us so much. They may not understand us the way we want them to but one thing is for sure they’ll do whatever it takes to sort everything out.

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